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29 May 2011 @ 06:37 pm
久しぶりです~~(Long time didn't see)  

Long time didn't post anything...
Since back..I'm really busy with my baito..
And now I will go back to college and study for my fail paper the last semester..
For the first time I see my result..
I don't feel anything..Because I have set my mind to accept the result..
But now I feel little frustrated because I will graduate late from my friends..
But I'm more feel guilty to my parent more than others..
Sorry..I'm really not a good daughter..
For this semester..I will get A for that paper!!!
And also my JLPT exam will be in this July..
I will do very best for this exam..
It will give me get new qualification..
motto ganbarimasu!!!!

Many kind thing have happen back then..But I think it will make me more forward to in front!!

Hatenai sora ga soko ni aru tte..
Ima tashikana koe ga kikoeru~~
Tobenai jibun o kaete ikou ka
Fumidashite nandodemo yarinao sou..
chikara tzuyoku~~

Hearing ARASHI's song Hatenai Sora make me get up from hurt days to make new days..
and Hatenai Sora also make me remember victims earthquake at Japan...
I really respect to them..Even they hurt so badly..But they still get up and go forward in front them..I really learns from them..
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