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23 May 2014 @ 11:36 pm
Yatto!!!My dream will come true!!!!  
Having long time not post anything here.
Anyway just want to share my feeling right now~
Sugoku dokidoki shimasu!!Naze nara??
This Sunday I will get my dream come true..
I will go to JAPAN!!!!!!!!!Yatto!!!I will come to you!!!!!
Hoping nothing problem will appear..This is my second time going out from Malaysia, before this I go to Thailand by cruise..Like Kageyama and Ojousama hahaha :P
and for first time I will boarding flight...
1st time in my life..I really worry but right now..I think I will be okay..
Before get to this stage..Many things I must have go through..Now I will create the greatest memory in my life.. :))
Finally, I can be in the country that I dream for 24 years live until now. I'm also will polish my Japanese skill..In 2 weeks I hope I can speak fluently in Japanese~ And also get boyfriend at there..hahahaha
Arashi!!!Yatto watashi wa minna ni aini ikimasu!!! ^_^

Pray for the safety journey~ ^_^
Sayonara Malaysia and Kita yo!! Nihon!!!Mattteru yo!!
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